Thursday, October 28, 2010

Problems with Equipment at Sea

Gareth trying to diagnose the problem with the deck unit
Kaylyn here, unfortunately reporting some technical difficulties. Yesterday before our planned departure at 9am, we noticed that out HTI deck unit wasn’t working. The HTI deck unit is the brains of our Greene Bomber which is our multi-frequency acoustic system. Unlike our Hammerhead broadband acoustic system, the Greene bomber can sample the entire water column. In other words this is a crucial part of our acoustic sampling. Gareth decided to delay the cruise 24 hours to try to fix it. We tried all different tests including taking apart the deck unit and adding spare parts from another system but all attempts failed. We decided to ship it to the HTI company so they can properly diagnose and fix the problem. This means we have to depart without a crucial piece of acoustic equipment. You’re probably wondering how we’re going to sample without this system right? Well we contacted people at WHOI and arranged for another similar acoustic system made by BioSonics to be brought out to us via a small vessel the Mytilus. The exchange was quite simple and very quick! We met the Mytilus at a location in Buzzards Bay and they pulled up next to The Endeavor and handed off the acoustic system. Just like that our problems were solved! If HTI can fix the deck unit in time then we will attempt to get it brought out to us as well! We’ll keep you posted!

Mytilus arriving to the Endeavor with awaiting crew photo credit: Peter Wiebe

BioSonics equipment handed off to Gareth photo credit: Peter Wiebe

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