Friday, August 26, 2011


Gareth here. Robb Hagg is the marine technician with WHOI's Shipboard Scientific Services Group who is out here with us making sure all of the ship's scientific equipment works properly, ranging from the CTD to the depth sounders to the printers to the ship's network and connectivity to the internet. On top of all that he has also been experimenting with a panoramic camera system that lets him take photos that cover 360 degrees instantaneously (i.e., no stitching together of images is required after the fact). Below are stills from some QTVRs (Quick Time Virtual Reality) he's created -- clicking on the links will take you to webpages on the WHOI site where you can see the movie files, and you should be able to navigate within them to explore all directions in the image.

And here is a more traditional panoramic photograph showing another science party meeting. These have been a very useful thing, giving the day watch and the night watch a chance to exchange information, hatch plans, and discuss any issues that have come up.

Photo: Peter Wiebe

You can see more panoramas from a previous Oceanus cruise at: Dan Smith and Larry Madin's Virtual Stowaway site.

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