Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fun Aboard the Oceanus

Sunrise, Sunset, and Sea Life
One of the great things about being at sea is that you are always in a perfect position to watch the sunrise or sunset (that is if you are awake and it is not overcast outside)! When the conditions are right, every morning or evening we gather outside to watch the either the first or last rays of light reflect on the sea. Also, whenever possible, we help Tim scout for sea life. Over the past few days we have seen many Shearwaters, Petrels, Turns, dolphins, sea turtles and pilot whales.

Photos by: Katie Wurtzell
A Little Cup is a BIG Deal
Prior to arriving at our mid-way day/night station, we made time for arts and crafts: decorating Styrofoam cups. These cups were attached to the CTD rosette and lowered to a depth of 3000m. As pressure increases with depth, the air from the cups is squeezed out, and thus the cups shrunk. The pictures, cruise information, and other messages drawn on the cups were deformed but serve as a unique souvenir from the trip.

Photos by: Nancy Copley
The Library
The library is a common place to hangout when we are off watch. Here, someone can always be found reading, playing cards, chatting, or watching movies.

Photo by: Peter Wiebe
And We Eat…
So far we have consumed:
350 lbs fish
350 lbs meat
150 lbs flour
120 lbs potatoes
60 lbs butter
30 lbs gummy bears
810 eggs
288 english muffins
240 soda (cans)
150 heads of lettuce
24 pineapple, cantaloupe, and honey dew
Photo by: Mark Anderson

-Katie and Katherine

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