Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Tour of the New Horizon

The R/V New Horizon has a variety of interior spaces, from the lower deck where the engine room and many of the berthing cabins (aka state rooms) are found, to the main deck with its labs, lounge, mess, and galley, to the 01 deck and its cabins, and finally the wheelhouse and chart room on the 02 deck. Below is a video of the mess, galley, lounge, and main lab, followed by a few photographs to give you a virtual tour of the interior of the vessel:


Third Mate Jack Purdy on the bridge. Captain's chair is in the foreground.
The chart room, aft of the bridge.
The steep stairs down to the 01 deck and then to the main deck.
The 01 deck lab where Meghan and John the res techs set up shop. On the left is a -80C freezer for preserving things that need to be very cold...
Dave Weaver the bo's'n in his locker, all the way forward.
The laundry machines, aft of the bo's'n's locker and forward of the mess. Only use the 'express' cycle to save on water!
Chief scientist's state room.
Regular scientists' state room.
 Video: Robert Levine

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