Friday, September 14, 2012

Arts and Crafts at Sea

Interspersed with deployments, sampling, and data processing, the scientists and crew have been decorating Styrofoam cups to be sent to great depths in the ocean. This is a common tradition among oceanographers and something that is well planned before we leave home -- we make sure to bring numerous cups, sharpies, and mesh bags. In addition, some people bring cups from home that have been colored weeks in advance by friends and family. Yes, we are that serious about this activity!
Sophie coloring
Colored cups ready for deployment

The cups are placed in a mesh bag that is then zip tied onto the CTD rosette frame and lowered to 3000m (that’s almost 2 miles below the surface!!!).

Cups in the bag before deployment
Shrunken cups attached to the CTD rosette frame

Pressure increases with depth and forces the air out of the Styrofoam and thus the cups shrink. Shapes and text are deformed and distorted as a once 4 inch tall cup becomes a mere 2 inches!

Shrunken cups that completed the journey
Shrunken cup

With good luck, the cups make the entire 3 hour journey down and back up again. Cups are generally decorated with cruise information and serve as a unique souvenir from our journey.

- Katherine Hoering


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