Sunday, September 9, 2012

Exercise Do’s and Don’ts on the R/V New Horizon

As you can see, science takes up most of our time on the R/V New Horizon. However, many scientists and crew members enjoy exercising during their time away from pteropods, CTDs, and ship driving.  I’ve put together a fool-proof guide to exercising on our ship!

DO workout in a group! There are different workout times to accommodate your workout preference and watch schedule! Mornings: Wisdom and weights with Nancy. 1245-1345: Hour of Pain with wrestler/boxer/MMA Willie and Captain.  1415: Kickin’ it with Kelly.  1600: Engine room trouble.
A couple of us exercising under the sun: me (Kelly) balancing on the medicine ball, Nick ready for pushups, Jack doing bicep curls, and Chumley giving the gun show.

DO hold on for dear life! The New Horizon likes to rock and roll, uh, literally and figuratively! Use the rock to your advantage and exercise your stability muscles. Challenge yourself with the roll, but be careful not to fall overboard!

Captain getting a workout on the pull-up bar. Hold on!!!
Willie also on the pull-up bar. Which way is up?!

DO use the stepper for a workout challenge! Not only will you have to survive the heat and fumes of the deep dark engine room, you’ll be sweating bolts, not bullets, down there!!

Sophie on the stepper sporting the 5-150 cruise t-shirt!

DO NOT use the stepper without consulting the salty New Horizon natives. They’ll help you learn the ropes, like leaning forward on the swells, so the stepper doesn’t topple over!

DO NOT try balancing on a medicine ball for a Women’s Health magazine “Fresh Flat Belly” workout when there are 8 foot swells! I did, and I ended up skidding across the 0-2 level!

DO NOT hold back!! There is nothing embarrassing about lettin go and gettin down wit yo bad self! Dancing is a great way to exercise on a ship, especially when you have limited room and have a hankerin to get your groove on!! When the ship gets arollin, everyone step dances anyway!

Above all, DO have fun! This extraordinary group of sailors and scientists all foster a positive working and working out environment.

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