Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cast & Crew

And now for an introduction to the science party and ship’s crew. 

Science Party:
Chief Scientist & PI: Dr. Gareth Lawson, WHOI, Biology Dept.

Principal Investigators :
Dr. Peter Wiebe, WHOI, Biology Dept.
Dr. Aleck Wang, WHOI, Chemistry Dept.

Zooplankton Team:
Alex Bergan, Grad Student, WHOI
Dr. Leo Blanco-Bercial , Postdoc, Univ. Connecticut
Nancy Copley, Research Assoc., WHOI
Dr. Amy Maas, Postdoc, WHOI
Kevin Manganini, Engineer, WHOI
Robert Levine, Grad Student, Cornell/WHOI
Liza Roger, Grad Student, Univ. Western Australia

Chemistry Team:
Katherine Hoering, Research Assistant, WHOI
Sophie Chu, Grad Student, WHOI
Britta Voss, Grad Student, WHOI
Nick Tuttle, Graduate, Drexel U.
Kelly Knorr, Grad Student, URI

Research Technicians:
John Calderwood
Dan Schuller

Photos by N. Copley

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