Monday, August 20, 2012

Keeping Busy

We continue on our transit back to Newport, Oregon, for repairs to the New Horizon's blown generator. Our hope is that the repairs will be quick and that we'll be able to resume the cruise soon. During the 4-day steam to Newport people have been keeping themselves busy in a variety of ways. Many of us have been working on data from this, or previous, cruises, writing manuscripts, and catching up on other work. To keep everyone's enthusiasm high we've also come up with various inventive ways of entertaining ourselves, including whale watching, sports tournaments, fishing, and jam sessions. Check out the photos below!

Out on deck, Kevin Manganini and Nick Tuttle try to get a picture of the dolphins around the ship. Photo by R. Levine.
Charismatic megafauna swimming alongside the ship. Photo by R. Levine.

Peter Wiebe tries his hand at Quoits, a game similar to ring toss that the science crew plays on the main deck.  Photo by N. Copley.

Kevin Manganini, Nick Tuttle, and Robert Levine play music while keeping watch on the fishing lines.  Photo by P. Wiebe.
Kevin Manganini holds up our catch of the day - Albacore tuna.  Photo by R. Levine.

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