Monday, August 27, 2012

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

by Nancy Copley

As a result of the generator breakdown on the R/V New Horizon, the science party unexpectedly found itself with 5 days on land before setting off again for another 23 days at sea.  This was the perfect opportunity to re-energize and explore the area.  Oregon is a beautiful state with many natural and cultural attractions.

Here’s how we spent our time:

Portland, OR, stock photo
VooDoo Doughnuts  Photo: S. Chu
After dropping off several people at the airport, a group – Sophie, Kelly, Nick - explored Portland and found its highlights to be the breweries, music stores, VooDoo donuts, and Powell’s Bookstore.

From there, they proceeded to Crater Lake for a quick swim in its bracing waters. Photo: A. Bergan

Another group – Nancy, Katherine, Britta - headed for REI in Eugene where they rented camping gear and proceeded to Crater Lake for several days of hiking and roughing it.  Upon their return, the cabin bunks looked fairly luxurious!

Others – Aleck, Amy, Leo - explored closer to Newport where the intertidal zone is especially diverse. More on this in a blog post coming soon. Photos: A. Wang

Staying in a nearby hotel felt pretty pleasant and the fast internet made getting work done a breeze. Photo: L. Blanco-Bercial

Drift Creek Falls  Photo:P.Wiebe
Suspension bridge over Drift Creek Falls.  Photo: A. Bergan
We returned from our various escapes with a day and a half to spare so many of the group went on a hike over a suspension bridge to Drift Creek Falls. 
… followed by a visit to a local winery.  Photo: N. Copley

Now we're ready to head back to sea.  Check back soon to see what we find in our night time surface plankton tows.


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