Friday, August 31, 2012

Pteropod Videos

Here are a couple of pteropod videos that I put together.  The first is of Limacina helicina.  While watching, notice the shape of the spiral, the number of whorls, the presence of striations on the largest whorl and the beating heart.  On which side of the shell is the opening when the point is on top?  Most gastropods open on the right (dextral) but pteropods open on the left (sinistral).  These animals are about 1 - 2 mm in diameter. 

Limacina helicina 

At one station, many of the Limacina were laying eggs, shown in some of the photos below.

Limacina helicina. top one has egg strand still attached.
Egg chain of Limacina helicina

The second video is of Clio pyramidata.  These pteropods are quite a bit larger, up to a centimeter long.  Their bodies are not coiled like typical snails but stretched out and flared at the opening.  Look for the beating heart, the dark gut, and two yellow spots that I think look like eyes.
Juvenile Clio pyramidata, enlarged ~ 50x

Larger Clio pyramidata, enlarged 12x
Nancy Copley