Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Reeve's Pieces

While in transit to the start of our survey, we have been dropping a Reeve net each night with the hope of pulling up pteropods. Take a look!

Go down, Reeve net (photo: R. Levine)
Reeve deployed (photo: R. Levine)
Limacina helicina caught at 45.6 N, 128.5 W (photo: G. Lawson)
Up top is a Pneumoderma sp. and the other two are Clione limacina  (Photo: N. Copley)
Predator and prey: Clione limacina would consume Limacina helicina in a natural setting (Photo: N. Copley)
Clio pyramidata caught at 46.6 N, 133.5 W (photo: N. Copley)
Dr. Amy Maas, Dr. Leo Blanco Bercial, and Liza Roger pull pteropods and krill from this Reeve net sample (photo: B. Voss)
Check back in to see more cool science!

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